Publicado: 21 de Febrero de 2018

Development of a Competence Profile and Performance Assessment for Care Assistants from a Labor Pool at a Nursing Home

Juan M. Fernández Millán, Raimundo Aguayo Estremera, Marina Fernández Navas, Alejandro González Cánovas


This article presents the development of a competence-based professional profile and thesubsequent performance assessment, which were built on behaviors that represent thecompetences in a sample of care assistants working in a nursing home. Nine employeeswho knew the tasks performed by care assistants were asked to select and rank thecompetences in order of significance, considering their importance for performing the jobefficiently. Based on the weights obtained, the selected competences are transformed intobehaviors and, finally, into a five-point Likert scale used to assess the sample of careassistants (a total de 16 employees) and classify them using overall and specific scores oneach of the competences.